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Ideation: Connecting, Creative and… Crazy!

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Ideation: Fresh Ideas

Ideation: Are all Your Ideas Crazy? “My gosh, that girl is just is never satisfied with doing it the way we’ve always done it! Change, change, change! That’s all she talks about!”   “That manager down in marketing has some pretty wild ideas! I don’t know why he can’t give us the data we need…

Activator: Success Loves Speed

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Activator: Always moving

Activator: Full Speed Ahead!   Those high in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Activator are always on the move! Once a decision has been made they cannot NOT act. They also learn by DOING, not by thinking about it one more time. They bring great, “Do it NOW!” energy to a team!    …

Futuristic: Why are You Lost in Space???

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Futuristic: Lost in the Future   “My husband drives me crazy with his pipe dreams! He has no clue where we’d get the money for most of his hairbrained ideas!”   “Can you believe it? That kid from the mailroom stood in line all night for the latest iPhone! Bah! Let him pay a fortune…

StrengthsFinder: Ideation Brain Leaks!

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StrengthsFinder Ideation may cause insomnia!

Ideation: So Many Ideas, So Little Time!   Those with the talent theme of Ideation often can’t sleep at night! They get their “second wind” just about the time they lay their heads down on the pillow!  …

Significance: Leading with Excellence

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Those who have the talent theme of Significance want to be seen, to be known, to be recognized and appreciated. They aim HIGH and reach for the exceptional. Their energy causes others to follow and gain their own notoriety by association. Appreciate them!…

Get USED, Baby!

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Don't waste your talent!

At the end of day, I want to live like Erma Bombeck!   “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’”        …

StrengthsFinder: Intellection Goes Deep

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StrengthsFinder: Intellection If you have the StrengthsFinder talent Theme of Intellection, you love to think and think and think. The world is vivid and exciting in your head. You work out problems, solve problems and think about random stuff. Maybe you’re trying to think about how to fix that drawer that keeps falling off its…

Analytical: Keep Your Opinion and Just Give Me the Data!

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Analytical: prove it!

Analytical: Gotta Have the Numbers!   “Reports! Reports! Reports! My boss drives me crazy, always asking for the reports. He won’t take my word for it that we met our goals. He’s gotta have the numbers!”   “My dad is RELENTLESS when it comes to questioning what we’re doing with the business. He’s constantly challenging…

StrengthsFinder: Baby Boomers Bust in Talent Use

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Baby Boomers use Strengths

StrengthsFinder: Baby Boomers Use Strengths Least   Smart employers will see to it that the Baby Boomers in their work force take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. From that beginning, they can set about to make sure their people have an opportunity to do what they do best.  When you do what you love, using talents that…