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StrengthsFinder Positivity: “It’s Good to be Alive!”

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Positivity: Always Happy and Joyful

“It’s good to be alive!” If that’s your attitude in life — if you stay pumped-up and joyful — then you may have the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Positivity! Your smile can light up a room, and your high energy brings enthusiasm and happiness to the picture of life!      …

Empathy: The Truth Detector

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Empathy: Intuitive & Perceptive

Empathy: The Hyper-Sensitive Feeler   “I’m never taking my girlfriend to another tear-jerker movie again — EVER! She cried through the whole thing! Geeze! Doesn’t she know the characters aren’t REAL?”   “I can’t hide my diagnosis from my sister.  She’ll know the minute she sees me that something’s wrong and within five minutes, she’ll…

StrengthsFinder: The Key to Downloading Your DNA

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Living in your strengths: Gallup Strengths

According to Gallup Corporation, the key to downloading a StrengthsFinder mindset into your business, life or family, is to be completely committed to the process. Every person on your team should be aware of their Top 5 talent themes, and then allow them to do what THEY do best.   You can read a great…

Connectedness: All for One and One for All

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Connectedness: Spiritual & Connected

Connectedness: Everything is Connected   “I don’t know about that girl in customer service. She seems to think that losing an account is not big deal, and it’s just going to all come together the way it was “meant to be.” Doesn’t she know that we needed that account?”   “Every time she comes home…

Finding your Stress-Fee Sweet Spot

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Are you busy, busy, busy? So many are these days, and they wear it like a status symbol. We seem to be entrenched in our busy-ness and at the same time, still believe that we’re not doing enough. How is it ever going to end?   This is a great article on how to know…

Input: The Craving to Know More

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StrengthsFinder: Do You Have to Save That, TOO???   “My neighbor collects anything to do with Barbie dolls. Seriously, she’s got a massive collection that spills all over her house! And she can tell you anything you’d wanna know about Barbie and her evolution.”   “How long is he gonna keep those files? I mean,…

Love Your Life… and Stop Messin’ Around

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Love Your Life! Gallup Strengths

It’s pretty obvious when you look around that some people love their lives and some people really don’t. What makes one different from the other?   Well, as it turns out, they have some very clear and concrete ways that they live differently. There are differences in their friendships, in the way they dream, in…

StrengthsFinder: In Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

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mr rogers strengths

StrengthsFinder: A Study of Mister Rogers If you are a Baby Boomer or Gen X’r, then you likely remember the beloved children’s television series, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. From 1968 until 2007, Americans watched a daily show aimed at preschoolers and other elementary aged children that featured Fred Rogers and his various puppet characters and their…