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Why Does an Analytical Want to Know?

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Analytical: chewing on the facts

Analytical “In the Know” If you are strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Analytical, you love to be “in the know.” you want to now all the facts, all the data, so that you can exercise your mind. For you, details and data contain all you need to exercise your gray matter. You can always…

Arranger: Juggling Life

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If you’re strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Arranger, then you’re fabulous at juggling the various pieces of an operation. You like to arrange and re-arrange for the most productive configuration of resources. You always plan ahead for every contingency.       For all your StrengthsFinder needs, go to…

Communication: Front of the Room

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Communication: good presenters

Front of the Room Do you know someone who likes to be in the front of the room, who loves leading presentations and who has no fear of public speaking? They may be strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Communication. They can articulate a point easily and have no problem putting their thoughts into words.…

Developer: Encouraging and Empowering

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There are those among us who delight in empowering, encouraging and developing others. They are strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Developer. They invest their time and energy in other people — encouraging them, empowering them, and helping them grow.   They love to see steps of progress, no matter how small!       …

Theme Addicts: Ryan Wells

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Theme Addicts

How ’bout this: one of my favorite clients was interviewed for the second episode of Theme Addicts! Ryan Wells is the owner of Oklahoma Real Estate Photography and he has seen an AMAZING growth in his business since taking the StrengthsFinder assessment and attending one of our workshops.   Take a look at this awesome…

Back to School Labels?

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Back to School Corral   As many of our kids go back to school this week, I start to ponder about how we educate children in our culture. We corral them — 20 to 30 at a time — into classrooms and we teach them all the same stuff, out of all the same books,…

Relator: Close to Just a Few

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Relator, Close to a few

If you’re invited to a party and find yourself in a corner catching up with an old friend, you may have the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Relator. You’re not opposed to meeting new people, but it’s far more satisfying to enjoy a reconnection with someone you know.   You have an “inner circle” of people who…

Individualization: Customize It!

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Customize it! with Individualization

If you are strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Individualization, you know that each person is unique and different. You see the subtle distinctions between people — their talents, their dreams, their beliefs and values. You look for diversity in life and in people.   You may have trouble being a team player because you…

StrengthsFinder Soul Mates

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StrengthsFinder in Relationships   Have you ever noticed that couples and married people are often opposite? They seem to instinctively find their complete contrast in their life-long mate. I’m thinking they are probably looking to plug the holes they’ve got in their own talents! StrengthsFinder can help in relationships by revealing how couples can work…

Competition: 2nd Place is for Losers

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You know those people in your life who love to win, who strive for 1st Place, who train and flex and strive to be #1? They may have the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Competition. They can sense and feel a worthy opponent and when they find a “carrot” worth running for, their energy can draw a…