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Responsibility: Conscientious or Controlling?

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Responsibility - getting it right

Responsibility: Controlling or Just Conscientious?   “My boss is SO controlling! He doesn’t trust me to do my job! He micro-manages everything I do and is constantly checking up on me! I don’t think I can work here much longer….”   “If my husband takes on another thing at the church, I’m going to pull…

Focus on Strengths, Not Weaknesses

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Focus on strengths!

Focus on Your Strengths   What happens when you focus on your weaknesses? You get exhausted, feel defeated and your ego takes a hit. Instead. why not focus on strengthening your natural talents and gifts and turning them into Strengths? As Peter Drucker says, “When you focus on your strengths, you make your weaknesses irrelevant.”…

Comparison is a Thief

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Comparing ourselves = hostage chains

Comparison is the Thief that Steals Joy   Ever notice that when you compare yourself to others you wind up the loser? You can never win. My mentor and friend, DeAnna Murphy once said, “Comparisons hold us hostage.” And she’s right. You can read more of her words of wisdom in this great article posted…

Learner: Perpetual Students of Life

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Learners love books!

Learner: The Perpetual Student   “He has always got his nose buried in a book, studying! He’s a perpetual student, and I don’t think he’ll ever graduate.”   “The bookshelves in our house are groaning! My wife cannot resist books! And she can’t just buy one book on a new subject — no, she has…

Random Thoughts for Intellection

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Intellection: think

Do you like your own company? Love to be alone? Then, you may have the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Intellection.   Those strong in this talent think and think and think… and think some more. Random thoughts pop into their heads when they least expect it, and they may find themselves solving a problem, consider alternatives…

I Have a Dream: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“I Have a Dream!”   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream… And any of us who have heard him speak it so eloquently could never doubt his passion. Here it is from the March on Washington in August, 1963 (it’s lengthy, but worth the watch).       So what StrengthsFinder talent themes…