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Self-Assurance: Quietly Confident or Arrogant?

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Self-Assurance: Arrogance or Confidence   “Ugh. Her attitude flies all over me! When she makes a decision, there’s no going back and no convincing her that there might have been a better way.”   “Can you believe he just up and left the country? I’m serious! Like, one day he was here and the next…

What’s the Back Story?

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If you examine history, you may have Context

Need to Know the Back Story   If you need to know the back story of a situation in order to feel grounded, you may be especially gifted with the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Context. Those high in Context love history and they use the history to make good decisions.     Alduos Huxley once…

Ready With Words of Comfort

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empathy, Words of comfort are the best therapy.

Words of Comfort   If you are strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Empathy,  you know just how others are feeling and may be able to offer the exact words of comfort that they need to hear in the moment. You have a “knowing” about most situations, that others cannot discern.   As Louis Nizer once…

Maximizer: An Eye on Excellence

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Maximizers love to be associated with success.

Maximizer: Aiming for Excellence   “My manager was brutal when we didn’t hit the goal. What did he expect? He set an impossible standard. No human in their right minds could think we could sell that much.”   “I just don’t know how to deal with my teammate who won’t learn to read her reports.…

Includer: You Matter!

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Includer: YOU Matter!

You Matter!   If you’re especially gifted with the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Includer, you accept all people. You don’t care what race or creed someone is — none of that matters. You accept. You include. And you want the rest of us to make room for those you bring in.   They believe YOU…

Talents: Magnets to Attract or Repel

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Talents are like magnets: they attract or repel.

Talents Attract or Repel   Do you attract or repel?   As you develop and grow in your natural talents and gifts, you will soon discover that you are attracted to some talents and repelled by others. So what’s going on here? Do you want to know why you attract some, and others, not so…

Does Weakness Have a Positive Side?

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Sharing strengths & weakness creates a circle of virtue.

The Positive Side of Weakness   How can weakness have a positive side? It seems unlikely, yes? Well, not according to the article, How Weakness Strengthens Relationships by DeAnna Murphy, M.S., SPC II, and President of Strengths Strategy, Inc. According to Murphy, strengths exists so that you can serve others. But weaknesses exist so that others…

Gut Instinct

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SelfAssurance - Gut Instinct

Go With Your Gut Instinct   If you are especially gifted in the ‪StrengthsFinder talent theme of ‪SelfAssurance, you can always count on your gut instinct. You have an internal guidance system that tells you which way to go in life, which risks to take and how to get where you want to go. This is a very…

Communication: I’ve Got Something to Say!

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Those strong in Communication have something to say!

Communication: Something to Say   “That lady from sales just doesn’t shut up. Ever. You can’t even get a word in edge-wise when she gets going. Has she never heard that ‘Silence is golden?’”   “He’s such an attention hog. He has to be the one leading the presentation and never gives anyone else a…

Intellection: Silent Strength

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Silent Strength

Silent Strength of Intellection   If you are especially talented in the ‪StrengthsFinder talent theme of ‪Intellection, you may be a person of few words. Your head is full of them, though! You often find yourself moving from one thought to another to another, in a random chain of thought connections. Silence is your friend and when you…