Promoters and the Eight Ways they Influence

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Promoters Influence in Eight Ways


If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Influencing Domain, then you like to promote and move people. In our work, we very simply call these Promoters. Why? Because they spend most of their time promoting themselves, their ideas, people or products or services that they feel are important.


They promote and influence in a variety of ways. Some of them tell stories and win others over. Some move people by taking command of situations, or through their supreme confidence. Others create change or demand excellence. All of these Promoters have energy that compels others with a call to action. Here are the eight ways that these Promoters influence and move people:


1. Activator


Some PROMOTERS move quickly and jump right into stuff because they learn by getting their feet wet. They don’t wait til they have all the answers and they don’t even need to know exactly where they’re going. They’ve not afraid to make mistakes, either, because they consider failures just learning experiences of what NOT to do next time. They are movers and shakers.


We call these Promoters Activator because they ACT. They light a fire under others and influence through the energy of their movement.



Activator Promoters have no fear and jump into action!


2. Command


Other Promoters have a commanding presence. They TAKE leadership roles — and the word “take” here is operative. They demand clarity from those around them and unify all through bringing a clear vision and direction to all. They step into conflict and confrontation without fear. They promote their own agenda, or one they have absolute conviction over.


We say these Promoters have Command. They have a commanding energy that others are compelled to follow.


3. Communication


There are some Promoters who are excellent at telling stories, doing presentations and even writing. They may be involved in social media, sales and marketing or other roles where they are teaching, sharing information and generally spreading the good news about that which they are passionate about.


These Promoters are excellent at Communication. And while they communicate in a variety of ways, they are rarely at a loss for words.


Promoter Communication

Promoters gifted with Communication are usually excellent presenters.


4. Competition


Do you know people who love to compete and win? They are Promoters who move others with their energy as they race for the prize, the goal or to win the game. They move others as they promote the competition they’re involved in and others often follow because everyone loves a winner.


These Promoters are measurement oriented and we know they are excellent at Competition.


5. Maximizer


Some Promoters aim high and set their sights on quality and perfection. They set a standard for others to follow and they move people towards the greatest good possible wherever they happen to be involved. They promote only the best and others are compelled to follow.


These Promoters of excellence are said to have Maximizer. They’ll blow up anything to be bigger than the original.


Promoter Maximizer

Promoters with Maximizer go for the best, the highest, the max.

6. Self-Assurance


There is a rare type of Promoter that has supreme confidence. They are independent and make decisions from their gut. They are shrewd, cunning and instinctive in their approach to life and they demand freedom to go their own way and be their own person. They take risks if their gut tells them to. And they lead others through their energy of confidence.


These Promoters have Self-Assurance. They go their own way and others are compelled to follow.


7. Significance


There is another kind of Promoter who wants to make an impact. It is their heart’s desire to leave a legacy, and to be involved with significant and important things. They will lend their name to events or organizations if it will help perpetuate the cause. They influence others through their energy and the things they’re involved in.


This type of Promoter is known to have Significance. They have significance because of the significant things they associate with.


Promoter, Significance

Promoters who have Significance want to make a difference.


8. WOO


Last, but certainly not least, their is a Promoter known by the ways they win others over. They have BIG energy and they love people, people and more people. They are connectors who bring awareness to whatever they are excited about. Their enthusiasm can light up a room and influences others to follow — sometimes just to what all the excitement is about!


This Promoter is known as WOO, and they’re the only StrengthsFinder talent to have an acronym (Winning Others Over).


Promoters Promote and Influence


Regardless of the type of Promoter, Promoters promote and influence. They are often out and about in the market place or in the world at large with their big, influential energy, promoting their passions, their interests, their agendas and their views. Others find them compelling and are usually inspired to listen.



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