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Nurturers and the Nine Ways They Nurture

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Nurturers nurture

The Nine Ways that Nurturers Nurture   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Relationship Building Domain, then you like to serve others. In our work, we very simply call these Nurturers. They are naturals at uplifting, empowering others.   Nurturers nurture in a variety of ways. Some bend and flex…

Adaptability in Time Management

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Those strong in Adaptability like flexibility in their calendars

Time Management and Adaptability   Do you have trouble with time management because you find yourself canceling appointments or commitments to go help someone? Or does your calendar seem at the mercy of other people?   You may be strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Adaptability. You bend and flex to meet the needs of…

Leading with Touchy Feely Talents

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Touchy Feely Talents are critical to our humanity.

Touchy Feely Talents and How They Lead   After taking the StrengthsFinder assessment, some people are disappointed because they find themselves with Touchy-Feely talents like Adaptability, Empathy, Developer, Harmony, and Includer. Their first thought is that these are not potential Strengths, but weaknesses. They look upon them as less than some talent themes which appear…

How Our Strengths Become Weaknesses

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Strengths vs Weaknesses   If we have such awesome gifts and talents, the how do our strengths become weaknesses? Through the StrengthsFinder talent assessment, we get the opportunity to discover who we are at our best and how we can operate in power and strength. So if we’re so great, then why don’t we have…

StrengthsFinder Adaptability: Bend & Flex

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Adaptability: Flexible

If you are okay with change, and bend a flex to adapt to most situations, then you may be strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Adaptability. You anticipate change, and when it happens, it doesn’t bother you — you welcome it and “go with the flow….”  …

Adaptability: The Bendable, Flexible Noodle

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Adaptability: Bend and Flex

Adaptability: Can You Never Commit to Anything?   “I cannot ever pin him down to an appointment! He always says, “I’ll let you know,” and it’s frustrating! Why can’t he ever commit? Doesn’t he know I have a schedule to keep?”   “She just drops everything when her kids call. I can’t ever plan anything…