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DO-ERS and The Nine Ways they Get Stuff Done

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Achievers make lists and Arrangers are contingency planners.

DO-ERS Get Stuff Done   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Executing Domain, then you like to get stuff done. In our work, we very simply call these DO-ERS, because that’s how they operate. They are the Get ‘R Done type people who execute, implement, organize and, generally speaking, DO…

Arranger: Plan, Plan, Plan

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Plan, Plan, Plan is what the Arranger does best.

“Plan, Plan, Plan,” says the Arranger   If you are an excellent planner who has no problem shifting your plans as needed, then you may be especially talented in the ‪StrengthsFinder talent theme of ‪Arranger. Those gifted this way know their operation inside and out and when things change, they adapt as needed.   Because they are such…

Arranger: Juggling Life

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If you’re strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Arranger, then you’re fabulous at juggling the various pieces of an operation. You like to arrange and re-arrange for the most productive configuration of resources. You always plan ahead for every contingency.       For all your StrengthsFinder needs, go to www.GallupStrengthsCenter.com…

Arranger: The Master Juggler

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Arranger: Master Juggler

Arranger: They Juggle to Efficiency   “I don’t know how she does it — nine kids! She keeps them moving like a well-oiled machine. She gets their lunches ready, gets them to school (on time), and never misses a beat when they run out of peanut butter. All that juggling makes my head spin.”  …