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Strengths in Antiques

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Antiques, Input, Context

Finding Strengths in Antiques Have you ever been to an antique store or flea market? Those who love to collect vintage items and other old things may have the StrengthsFinder ‬talent theme of Input‬. And if they understand the history of the things they collect, they may have Context‬, too.   They may spend hours hunting…

What’s the Back Story?

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If you examine history, you may have Context

Need to Know the Back Story   If you need to know the back story of a situation in order to feel grounded, you may be especially gifted with the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Context. Those high in Context love history and they use the history to make good decisions.     Alduos Huxley once…

Context: Loving the Past

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Context need the blueprint.

Loving the Past with Context If you are fascinated by history, or use an historical time period in order to make sense of the world we live in, then you might be strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Context. You find value in the lessons of the past and you remind others of what happened…

How Our Strengths Become Weaknesses

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Strengths vs Weaknesses   If we have such awesome gifts and talents, the how do our strengths become weaknesses? Through the StrengthsFinder talent assessment, we get the opportunity to discover who we are at our best and how we can operate in power and strength. So if we’re so great, then why don’t we have…

Context: Do You Have to Live in the Past???

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Need the Context

Context: All About the Old Days…. “Man! That guy at church is always talking about Hitler and how our country is going down the tubes because of the President. He won’t give it a rest!”   “I’m ready for a night out with the girls! All my husband wants to do is watch docu-dramas and…