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Thinkers and the Eight Ways They Think

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THINKERS think and think and think... and think some more.

Thinkers Think   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Strategic Thinking Domain, then you like to think. In our work, we very simply call these THINKERS. Why? Because that’s what they do. They think and think and think, and then they think some more!   Thinkers come in several different…

Back to School Labels?

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Back to School Corral   As many of our kids go back to school this week, I start to ponder about how we educate children in our culture. We corral them — 20 to 30 at a time — into classrooms and we teach them all the same stuff, out of all the same books,…

Ideation and Squirrel, Inc.

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Squirrel, Inc: born of Ideation

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The Sizzle of Ideation Brain

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Ideation Brain = Insomnia

Ideation Brain Sizzles at Night   Sometimes late at night — around midnight, more often than not — I’ll see a friend pop up on my Facebook newsfeed who says, “Helllooooooo???? Is anyone else out there awake?” And that will begin a funny thread around who has Ideation Brain and can’t sleep. (No comment on…

Ideation: Always Has a Fresh Idea!

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Ideation: New ideas

“I’ve got an idea!” is a constant refrain from someone with the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Ideation. Their brains fairly sizzle with a constant barrage of interesting twists of creativity. In fact, they not sleep much because just about the time they are ready to snooze, their brain may get a jolt of energy in the…

Ideation: Connecting, Creative and… Crazy!

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Ideation: Fresh Ideas

Ideation: Are all Your Ideas Crazy? “My gosh, that girl is just is never satisfied with doing it the way we’ve always done it! Change, change, change! That’s all she talks about!”   “That manager down in marketing has some pretty wild ideas! I don’t know why he can’t give us the data we need…

StrengthsFinder: Ideation Brain Leaks!

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StrengthsFinder Ideation may cause insomnia!

Ideation: So Many Ideas, So Little Time!   Those with the talent theme of Ideation often can’t sleep at night! They get their “second wind” just about the time they lay their heads down on the pillow!  …