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Input and Learner – the Learning Talents

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Learning Talents of Input and Learner

The Learning Talents of Input and Learner   If you are strong in the ‪StrengthsFinder talent themes of ‪Input or ‪Learner, then you love learning.   Those with Input often learn in a very focused way — for mastery. You may be an expert in one or more fields of study — those you’ve studied in depth. You become a…

Strengths in History: Abraham Lincoln

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Strengths in Abraham Lincoln   Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America, elected in 1861 and serving until his death by assassination on April 15, 1865. How his StrengthsFinder talents and gifts played out in his life and shortened political career we can only guess. However, the evidence can be…

Strengths in Antiques

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Antiques, Input, Context

Finding Strengths in Antiques Have you ever been to an antique store or flea market? Those who love to collect vintage items and other old things may have the StrengthsFinder ‬talent theme of Input‬. And if they understand the history of the things they collect, they may have Context‬, too.   They may spend hours hunting…

Thinkers and the Eight Ways They Think

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THINKERS think and think and think... and think some more.

Thinkers Think   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Strategic Thinking Domain, then you like to think. In our work, we very simply call these THINKERS. Why? Because that’s what they do. They think and think and think, and then they think some more!   Thinkers come in several different…

StrengthsFinder Input: The Archivers of Life

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Do you collect things? Maybe coins or Barbie dolls, or perhaps just digital files from your favorite news services? You may be strong in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Input. Those with Input love to gather, collect, archive and store things. They have a photographic memory when it comes to information that they are passionate about.…

Input: The Craving to Know More

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StrengthsFinder: Do You Have to Save That, TOO???   “My neighbor collects anything to do with Barbie dolls. Seriously, she’s got a massive collection that spills all over her house! And she can tell you anything you’d wanna know about Barbie and her evolution.”   “How long is he gonna keep those files? I mean,…