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Promoters and the Eight Ways they Influence

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Promoters Influence in Eight Ways   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Influencing Domain, then you like to promote and move people. In our work, we very simply call these Promoters. Why? Because they spend most of their time promoting themselves, their ideas, people or products or services that they…

Maximizer: An Eye on Excellence

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Maximizers love to be associated with success.

Maximizer: Aiming for Excellence   “My manager was brutal when we didn’t hit the goal. What did he expect? He set an impossible standard. No human in their right minds could think we could sell that much.”   “I just don’t know how to deal with my teammate who won’t learn to read her reports.…

Maximize it!

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Maximizers maximize potential and aim high

If you are strong in the ‪StrengthsFinder talent theme of ‪Maximizer,  then you aim HIGH. You focus on excellence, quality, and look for maximum potential. You see mediocrity at every turn and cannot abide it. Remember, you can’t maximize people without their permission!     For more information about StrengthsFinder, visit www.GallupStrengthsCenter.com.     Rhonda Knight Boyle is the…

Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Dial it Down! — or UP!

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Dial up or dial down

Dial it UP or Dial it DOWN   With some of our awesome StrengthsFinder talent themes, we need to dial it up or dial it down!  At times, we are either too weak or too powerful.   We can wimp out in situations where our buttons are pushed, retreating because our Empathy or Positivity can’t handle…

Go-Getter Talents

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Go-Getters don't wait for achievements to happen. They go get them.

The Go-Getters   If you are a Go-Getter who takes action and gets things done, you may be especially gifted in the StrengthsFinder talent themes of Achiever, Focus, Maximizer, Activator or Command. These talents come with a strong energy to grind through the work or to inspire and motivate others to do so.        …

StrengthsFinder: A Maximizer’s M.O.

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StrengthsFinder: Mediocrity is the Maximizer Enemy   This is what a Maximizer might face — criticism for striving for excellence. Those high in the StrengthsFinder talent theme of Maximizer despise mediocrity. And they can smell it from a mile away. They know that it’s not worth spending time on projects or people where excellence can never be obtained.…