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DO-ERS and The Nine Ways they Get Stuff Done

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Achievers make lists and Arrangers are contingency planners.

DO-ERS Get Stuff Done   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Executing Domain, then you like to get stuff done. In our work, we very simply call these DO-ERS, because that’s how they operate. They are the Get ‘R Done type people who execute, implement, organize and, generally speaking, DO…

Responsibility: Conscientious or Controlling?

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Responsibility - getting it right

Responsibility: Controlling or Just Conscientious?   “My boss is SO controlling! He doesn’t trust me to do my job! He micro-manages everything I do and is constantly checking up on me! I don’t think I can work here much longer….”   “If my husband takes on another thing at the church, I’m going to pull…

Discipline: Perfectly Predictable

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Discipline: Excellent planners

Discipline: Predictable to Perfection   “All I know is that you can’t spring a change on her! She’ll have an absolutely break-down if you try to change the date for that meeting in Los Angeles! She needs advance notice — and a lot of it”   “I swear he’s OCD. If the paperwork is not…