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Promoters and the Eight Ways they Influence

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Promoters Influence in Eight Ways   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Influencing Domain, then you like to promote and move people. In our work, we very simply call these Promoters. Why? Because they spend most of their time promoting themselves, their ideas, people or products or services that they…

Significance: Making an Impact!

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Significance: Focused on Making an Impact   “I can’t believe it! My boss took credit for my idea AGAIN! I don’t know why she does that — it was MY work.”   “Have you ever had a conversation with that new sales guy? Ugh. He has to name drop. Every Monday morning he comes in…

Significance: Looking for Your Legacy

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Having twins is significant!

Significance: All About Leaving a Legacy   Significance is one of those StrengthsFinder talent themes that most people don’t understand or think is a little over the top when it comes to the limelight. In my work with hundreds of people over the years, I have enjoyed exploring and understanding the sense of LEGACY when…

Significance: Leading with Excellence

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Those who have the talent theme of Significance want to be seen, to be known, to be recognized and appreciated. They aim HIGH and reach for the exceptional. Their energy causes others to follow and gain their own notoriety by association. Appreciate them!…