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StrengthsFinder’s Common Language

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The StrengthsFinder assessment allows you to develop a "common language" in your organization.

 The Common Language   One of the greatest benefits StrengthsFinder gives you is an opportunity to create a “common language” within the workplace. Recognize that each of your employees are bringing their own perspectives into the company, and their own way of looking at things. By focusing on embracing and accepting the 34 Signature Themes…

Professional Development with StrengthsFinder

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StrengthsFinder Development

StrengthsFinder for Development   As of the time of this writing, over 12 million people have taken the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment — most through their place of employment. For many, it’s merely an exercise and becomes just another test. Smart companies, however, know how to use StrengthsFinder for Professional Development of their people. They…

Nurturers and the Nine Ways They Nurture

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Nurturers nurture

The Nine Ways that Nurturers Nurture   If your Top 5 StrengthsFinder talent themes are dominant in the Relationship Building Domain, then you like to serve others. In our work, we very simply call these Nurturers. They are naturals at uplifting, empowering others.   Nurturers nurture in a variety of ways. Some bend and flex…

Focus on Strengths, Not Weaknesses

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Focus on strengths!

Focus on Your Strengths   What happens when you focus on your weaknesses? You get exhausted, feel defeated and your ego takes a hit. Instead. why not focus on strengthening your natural talents and gifts and turning them into Strengths? As Peter Drucker says, “When you focus on your strengths, you make your weaknesses irrelevant.”…

How Our Strengths Become Weaknesses

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Strengths vs Weaknesses   If we have such awesome gifts and talents, the how do our strengths become weaknesses? Through the StrengthsFinder talent assessment, we get the opportunity to discover who we are at our best and how we can operate in power and strength. So if we’re so great, then why don’t we have…

5 Steps to Get Yourself Unstuck

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Get Unstuck in Five Simple Steps   Ugh. Stuck again? Yeah, well, most of us get stuck at one time or another and get mired in our circumstances and can’t figure out how to get out. The secret is to MOVE. Somewhere. Anywhere. If you do, then everything changes, even if only slightly.    …

StrengthsFinder: The Key to Downloading Your DNA

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Living in your strengths: Gallup Strengths

According to Gallup Corporation, the key to downloading a StrengthsFinder mindset into your business, life or family, is to be completely committed to the process. Every person on your team should be aware of their Top 5 talent themes, and then allow them to do what THEY do best.   You can read a great…

Finding your Stress-Fee Sweet Spot

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Are you busy, busy, busy? So many are these days, and they wear it like a status symbol. We seem to be entrenched in our busy-ness and at the same time, still believe that we’re not doing enough. How is it ever going to end?   This is a great article on how to know…

Love Your Life… and Stop Messin’ Around

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Love Your Life! Gallup Strengths

It’s pretty obvious when you look around that some people love their lives and some people really don’t. What makes one different from the other?   Well, as it turns out, they have some very clear and concrete ways that they live differently. There are differences in their friendships, in the way they dream, in…