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Does Weakness Have a Positive Side?

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Sharing strengths & weakness creates a circle of virtue.

The Positive Side of Weakness   How can weakness have a positive side? It seems unlikely, yes? Well, not according to the article, How Weakness Strengthens Relationships by DeAnna Murphy, M.S., SPC II, and President of Strengths Strategy, Inc. According to Murphy, strengths exists so that you can serve others. But weaknesses exist so that others…

How Our Strengths Become Weaknesses

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Strengths vs Weaknesses   If we have such awesome gifts and talents, the how do our strengths become weaknesses? Through the StrengthsFinder talent assessment, we get the opportunity to discover who we are at our best and how we can operate in power and strength. So if we’re so great, then why don’t we have…

5 Steps to Get Yourself Unstuck

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Get Unstuck in Five Simple Steps   Ugh. Stuck again? Yeah, well, most of us get stuck at one time or another and get mired in our circumstances and can’t figure out how to get out. The secret is to MOVE. Somewhere. Anywhere. If you do, then everything changes, even if only slightly.    …